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Using the Mindful Practices Curricular Framework


We are thrilled that you have chosen to use our Curricular Framework. We know it will provide you with the tools, strategies, lessons and assessment activities you need to meet your students where they are and increase their competence in SEL.

Lesson Components


At the beginning of each lesson, MP will identify what materials you need to have on hand and prepared for each lesson.

Success Criteria

Instead of objectives, MP has designed success criteria for each lesson which are written in student friendly language. This is so that students of all ages can reflect on their own success or continued development needs at the end of each lesson and unit.


The agenda will give you a lesson overview so that you as an educator can get a glimpse at each component planned.

Key Vocabulary

Vocabulary words used throughout the lesson will be highlighted. A link to the MP Directory of Terms is provided if you need definitions for each word or concept.

Teachers’ Guide

The MP teaching guide is broken up into:

  1. Direct Instruction: A script is provided for the teacher if needed
  2. Group Activities: Group activities provide an opportunity for students to practice competency
    development with others.
  3. Individual Activities: Individual activities provide an opportunity for students to practice
    competency development independently.

The SEL Competencies

The Mindful Practices framework is built on the competencies as defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social & Emotional Learning (CASEL). Each unit covers one competency and every unit has lessons by grade level for that competency. The CASEL competency in each lesson is clearly marked wheel to remind you, the educator, which competency your current lesson is further developing and make necessary connections. Unlike other curricula it allows the educator to select lessons based on their classrooms need.

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